Arizona's Most Wanted Unlicensed Contractors

We've purchased and sold thousands of homes throughout the years.  95% of the time, when selling a house, you are going to have to do some kind of repair to the house.  The reasons vary from safety concerns to maximizing your potential sales price.  

When hiring someone to do repairs on your house, please be sure to use a Licensed and Bonded contractor through the State of Arizona.  I can't tell you how many stories we've heard of people hiring a contractor, paying 50% (or more down) and then the work is either never completed or the contractor never shows up to begin the project.  

We often also hear about contractors who "finish" a job but the workmanship is so bad, it's got to be done again.  

In using a Licensed and Bonded Contractor, you have peace of mind knowing they are regulated by the State of Arizona.  You have someone to hold them accountable.  You have recourse.  This alone improves the quality of the work and the professionalism of the experience.  

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